Ten Steps in Strategic Planning, Policy Governance®-style

We often get asked, "How do boards using Policy Governance do strategic planning?"

Boards using Policy Governance principles save time and get more done by being clear about who is accountable for what. Traditional "strategic planning" processes were not created with Policy Governance principles in mind, and so to avoid any confusion, we've created a Quick Guide in the Ten Steps in Strategic Planning, Policy Governance-style

You can receive a free copy of this Quick Guide in the Ten Steps (a 3.4 MB slide presentation handout .pdf), including a brief description for each step, by completing the form below. For more information, book a call with us today.

Feedback on Brown Dog Consulting's resources and approach:   

  • “Susan energizes what could be a dry topic.”
  • “It was an excellent presentation. Keep on doing what you’re doing!”
  • “A helpful and energizing presentation to inform us of P.G. principles.”
    "I have worked with the Carver Model since 2002 and the manner in which the trainer Susan Mogensen lays out the model and describes the concepts, makes the learning experience fun and entertaining.”
  • “[Brown Dog Consulting's] approach to how they explain Policy Governance is clear and succinct and will set you, your team, and your association up for success.”
  • "The Board EXCELerator online training course is an affordable and effective option if you have any new board members or staff who haven't had the benefit of Policy Governance training yet and would like to understand the theory, the benefits, and how it works in practice."